• Community Owned

    Insurance in its original form was a collective pooling of funds from families and small businesses to support each other. Often referred to as a mutual, most of these community based entities were bought out by for profit corporations controlled by large institutional shareholders.


    As a Decentralized Autonomous Organsiation (DAO), Autonomus is re-inventing the legacy of a mutual using blockchain technologies. Individuals collaborate as a group to share risk and grow wealth in a mutually aligned structure. 

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  • Governance

    Governance of our DAO is by our members and independently elected Community Advocates who acts as a ombudsmen for claims conflicts that fall outside of smart contract parameters.

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  • A better way of protecting your loved ones and growing your wealth.

    Autonomus is a member owned mutual (or DAO).


    The Autonomus DAO runs as code on the blockchain to serve its member owners.

    All treasury and claims data resides as a public, immutable record. Claims obligations are secured by smart contracts with integrations into public data feeds (public death registries).

    Unlike conventional insurers that may publish their financial records annually, all our data is fully transparent and audited in real time.

    Our members elect 3rd party professional services firms including auditors and a claims commissioner to adjudicate any claims disputes that fall outside of smart contract parameters.


    With near fully automated operations, administration expenses run the lowest in the entire industry giving our members the best value, highest returns and superior cover.