• De-centralized

    Insurance & Reinsurance.


    100% On-Chain.

    Get Insurance I Provide Cover

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  • Autonomus is helping build the next Berkshire, AXA & Allianz; 100% On-Chain.

  • Secured by smart contracts

    Our smart contract based insurance programs are engineered to cover the following real world risks:

    • Life/Death

    • Personal Accident

    • Cancer

    • Travel


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  • Automated Claims

    Blockchain oracle integrations with public & private databases (death registries, hospital/medical information systems, flight & weather data) automate claims triggers so users can avoid the anxiety of dealing with a 'claims handler/agent'.

    • Membership NFTs with bundled insurance benefits for any budget and from anywhere

    • Platforms for community ownership, governance & oversight

    • Proof of treasury, reserves & claims

    • Self-financing market makers (DeFi)


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  • Available everywhere

    Our APIs & software enable crypto wallets, exchanges & affinity groups to offer embedded insurance programs for their communities.


    Partners benefit from a new, long term revenue stream that creates greater customer loyalty.


    Autonomus leverages the latest in machine-learned algorithms to automatically identify patterns, intelligently classify incoming data, and detect anomalies.


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  • Zero Premium Payments

    Never pay a premium again.

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    Secured by Smart Contacts

    No minimum deposit, free account opening, ACH, wires, and more.

    Proof of Reserves

    Deposit $250K to get early access to beta features, elevated perks, dedicated phone support, & tea.

  • Our customers give thoughtful feedback

    Sahil Bloom

    Investor + Creator

    Beautiful, intuitive, elegant product designs are a key reason I love Mercury. If you're a founder or creator, this is the banking product you need.

    Gagan Biyani​

    Maven CEO, Udemy Co-founder

    I honestly think Mercury is one of my favorite new products. It is easily 3-5x faster than any other banking service I've ever used and it keeps getting better.
  • Cassidy Williams

    Director of DevX, Netlify

    I love using Mercury. I can use the virtual cards so easily that it almost feels wrong. Plus, as a developer, I love that they have an API to accept and send payments without too much overhead.

    Packy McCormick​

    Founder, Not Boring

    I love the subtle and delightful details in the Mercury product, like being able to click to copy my account and routing number. Simple but wonderful.
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