• Insurance for

    Energy & Resource Businesses

    Manage commercial risks; on-chain.


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  • Insurance for

    Bitcoin Miners Self Sovereignty

    Manage real-world risks; on-chain.


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  • Death comes for us all.

    When you time comes, set up your loved ones with a pristine asset outside of the fiat economy.


    Whether its 1/4, 1/2 or multiple whole coins; you can setup your loved ones with Bitcoin. Autonomus will automatically distribute to your beneficiaries as specified by you. (The amount will vary depending on your membership tier).



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    Eric Anderson


    Mercury is the only other company that has given me User-level vibes where I think to myself every time I use it "this is exactly what I expect from this process in current times".
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    @BankMercury and here’s why:
    • Insanely fast onboarding
    • Digital signatures accepted (vs Ink)
    • The easy and simple wire transfer process
    • Modern UI
    • Very high-value events hosted by Mercury itself, seriously I don’t see another bank CEO/founder replying to your tweet
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    Karri Saarine


    Paying bills with @BankMercury just fills me with joy. It's so fast and good. It takes you maybe 10 seconds to click through and enter the details. For most banks, especially business banks, it takes 10seconds to open their homepage, 1min to log in, and maybe 10mins to make a payment.
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    Casey Allen


    opening a @BankMercury has been so effortless it doesn't even feel like I'm dealing with a financial company.

    it's like my cofounder and I just signed up for a free calendar app or something.
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