• How it Works

    Insurance re-invented for the Blockchain

  • STEP 1

    The pooled contributions of our members becomes the treasury for the group.

    See fees & use of funds

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  • STEP 2

    The treasury serves to protect members for defined 'real world' risks
    (e.g. death, cancer diagnosis and personal accidents)

    The treasury is structured dynamically based on the actuarial risk of the entire group of members. This includes allocations for claims reserves (highly liquid reserves to be paid out for anticipated claims) and an investment allocation to grow the reserves for the benefit of all members. 


    See re-insurance & securitization
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  • STEP 3

    The Rewards Pool

    The profits of the mutual (returns on investments less claims & claims reserves) are allocated to the member rewards pool. As a member you get rewarded as the returns of our treasury compound. Learn more about how we manage member rewards:

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