• How it Works

    Insurance Re-Invented for the Blockchain

    STEP 1

    Become a Member

    Select a membership tier that suits your current needs. Tiers start at $50 and go up to $50,000 for a lifetime membership.

    (see membership plans).


    Your membership is minted as an non-fungible token (NFT). 


    Add your beneficiaries (the people you want the mutual to payout in the event of your death). This can be updated at anytime.

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  • Partnership Power​

    A new use case for crypto is good for everyone.

    Our APIs & software enable crypto wallets, exchanges, lending platforms (and affinity groups), to offer embedded life, personal accident and cancer insurance products; 100% on-chain.

    Greater persistency, stronger customer engagement and a new, long term revenue stream awaits.


    Learn more. Get in touch.



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  • STEP 2

    The pooled assets of all our members serve to protect all members.

    Insurance in its purest form, streamlined on the blockchain for transparency, efficiency & value. The treasury (pooled assets) are dynamically allocated for claims reserves (payouts) and for investment returns.


    Learn more about how we approach this here:

    Treasury management.

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  • STEP 3

    Be rewarded like Warren.

    The profits of the mutual (returns on investments less claims & operating costs) are allocated to the member rewards pool.


    As a member you get rewarded as the returns of our treasury compound.


    Learn more about how we manage member rewards:

    Member Rewards Pool


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  • STEP 4

    Keep connected & be part of the community governance

    Help elect our vendors and key partners including our auditors and independent claims advocate.

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