• Invest

    Autonomus offers accredited investors, digital asset funds and re-insurance syndicates, with a range of yield generating investment opportunities. These pools generate yields from De-Fi investment returns and from premium payments that the pools underwrite.




  • Risk Pools


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    Insurance Pools

    (for agents & independent financial advisors)

    Capital is pooled and coverage is provided to vetted businesses by independent risk experts for a specified term. Returns are generated from premium payments and protocol rewards.


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    Reinsurance Pools

    (for brokers & risk advisors)

    Registered institutions & reinsurance syndicates can apply to provide financial capacity to insurance pools on the Autonomus platform. Returns are generated from reinsurance premiums and protocol rewards.


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  • A 24/7 Platform

    for Risk Advisors

    The Autonomus.Insure platform is accessible by risk advisors worldwide.

    Intermediaries can select from a range of existing insurance products as well as create bespoke solutions for their clients.
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