• Work at Autonomus

    We’re building tech to protect the global crypto community. We emphasize beauty and

    usability, and customers seem to love our product.


  • Open Roles​

    Interested in doing something not listed here? Email us at jobs@autonomus.co

  • Business Development​

    Business Development​ - Ecommerce

    📍 Any Office or Remote

  • Business Development​ - Startups

    📍 Any Office or Remote

  • Sales Operations

    📍 Any Office or Remote

  • Compliance​

    Compliance Support Specialist

    📍 Any Office or Remote

  • Corporate Counsel

    📍 Any Office or Remote

  • Investigation Manager

    📍 Any Office or Remote

  • Careers

    We are looking for exceptionally talented people to join our team

    Imagine yourself contributing to the development of one of the most dynamic blockchain-based FinTech companies in the world, redefining how financial services are conducted. This innovative company is Autonomus.

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  • Investigation Specialist

    📍 Any Office or Remote

  • Design​

    Design Manager

    📍 Any Office or Remote

  • Product Designer

    📍 Any Office or Remote