• Life Coverage

    Up to $10M in death benefits.


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  • Life Insurance

    for Digital Natives

    100% on-chain.


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  • Setup your loved ones with Bitcoin

    Death comes for us all. When you time comes, set up your loved ones with a Bitcoin death benefit. Whether its 1/4, 1/2 or multiple whole coins; you can setup your loved ones with a pristine asset outside of the fiat economy. Autonomus will automatically distribute to your beneficiaries as specified by you. The amount will vary depending on your membership tier.


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    Receive up to $1,000,000 in USDC in the event you are diagnosed with cancer.

    Cancer affects 1:5 adults. As a member you are covered with a direct payment to your account in the event you are medically diagnosed with cancer. The amount will vary depending on your membership tier and is an ideal supplement your current healthcare plan.

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    Watch your assets grow​

    As the Autonomus DAOs treasury grows over time, our members can benefit from the rewards pool. Rather than conventional insurers keeping all the assets, our members are rewarded for compounding returns. The rewards level will vary depending on your membership tier and duration.


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  • How conventional life insurers make money.

    Life insurers and their related asset management funds make their money from the 'float', investing their customers insurance premiums to acquire assets that they keep. They have acquired trillions in assets worldwide.


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  • Our customers give thoughtful feedback

    Sahil Bloom

    Investor + Creator

    Beautiful, intuitive, elegant product designs are a key reason I love Mercury. If you're a founder or creator, this is the banking product you need.

    Gagan Biyani​

    Maven CEO, Udemy Co-founder

    I honestly think Mercury is one of my favorite new products. It is easily 3-5x faster than any other banking service I've ever used and it keeps getting better.
  • Your Insurance NFT

    Treasury packages a whole treasury management team in one dashboard.

    Earn a return on your cash reserves through government

    securities and other ultra-safe investment products with

    just a few clicks — without using a CFO, ops team, cash management team, and wealth advisor.

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  • Cassidy Williams

    Director of DevX, Netlify

    I love using Mercury. I can use the virtual cards so easily that it almost feels wrong. Plus, as a developer, I love that they have an API to accept and send payments without too much overhead.

    Packy McCormick​

    Founder, Not Boring

    I love the subtle and delightful details in the Mercury product, like being able to click to copy my account and routing number. Simple but wonderful.
  • A better way of protecting your loved ones & growing your wealth.

    Autonomus is a member owned mutual.


    The Autonomus Insurance Company is a member owned entity on the blockchain.

    All treasury and claims data resides as a public, immutable record. Claims obligations are secured by smart contracts.


    Unlike conventional insurers that may publish their financial records annually, all our data is fully transparent and audited in real time.

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