• Underwriting Pools.

    Our cover pools are 100% on-chain, making them verifiable and auditable in real-time.


    Coverage is binded by smart contracts with certificates of insurance issued as non fungible tokens.


    Our cover pools are managed by independent, 3rd party actuaries, funds administrators and claims adjudicators.


    Coverage is priced in US Dollars, Euros and Australian Dollars via stablecoin currencies.

  • FAQs



    Get your Certificate of Insurance verified.

    Still relying on a PDF or a screen shot of your customer or vendor's Certificate of Insurance?

    Contact us for more information about our Proof of Cover platform.
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  • A 24/7 Platform

    for Risk Advisors

    The Autonomus.Insure platform is accessible by risk advisors worldwide.

    Intermediaries can select from a range of existing insurance products as well as create bespoke solutions for their clients.
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  • Risk Pools


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    Insurance Pools

    (for agents & independent financial advisors)

    Capital is pooled and coverage is provided to vetted businesses by independent risk experts for a specified term. Returns are generated from premium payments and protocol rewards.


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    Reinsurance Pools

    (for brokers & risk advisors)

    Registered institutions & reinsurance syndicates can apply to provide financial capacity to insurance pools on the Autonomus platform. Returns are generated from reinsurance premiums and protocol rewards.


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